The benefit of becoming a Web Developer

The Pay

  • High paying jobs
  • Average 90 k Salary-Glassdoor But can go well into the 6 figures
  • make money on the side with your own projects
  • One of the highest paying jobs to get without needing a degree
  • The Industry Isn’t Going Anywhere
  • We will always need websites, webApps.
  • Every Industry/Niche needs or could benefit from software /development

You can self-Taught

  • Industry full of college dropouts
  • Having a portfolio of real projects is the most important .This you could do.
  • Learn for free or using cheap courses
  • Make the most money with no degree
  • Boot- Camp are the best Option
    • Relevant Technologies
    • Modern Skill which you going to need

Work for yourself

  • Freelancing /Client work /consultation
  • Side projects for revenue
  • Content /course creation
  • Learn business skills to market your ideas.

Work from Home

  • Many companies will let the employees work from home
  • Running your own company is easier than most other profession
  • Work from coffee shop, hotel etc.

Become a better thinker and learner

  • Apply to just about any programming
  • Learn to solve problems (Not just computer related)
  • Think is a more logical manner
  • Become a good learner and learn quicker

Seeing Results

  • You build things that last
  • People use the application and tool that you build
  • Build tools that you can use to benefit other areas of your life.

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